June 24, 2018
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Past Legislative Reports

Welcome to the Legislative Report archive. Please click on the appropriate link for any past Legislative Report that you may wish to consult.

  1. Legislative Report (14 June 2018) - Population Reaches New All-Time High; Support for Post-Secondary Education; Summer Camping Opportunities
  2. Legislative Report (31 May 2018) - Spring Session Ends with New Legislation and Budget on Track
  3. Legislative Report (24 May 2018) - Representing Saskatchewan Interests; Strong and Stable Revenue Sharing for Municipalities; Support for Municipal Infrastructure; Highways and Community Airport Upgrades
  4. Legislative Report (17 May 2018) - Application for Federal Low Carbon Economy Funding; Federal-Provincial Agreement for Targeted Health Funding; More Nurses Working in Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Parks Now Open for Summer
  5. Legislative Report (10 May 2018) - Investments in Transportation Infrastructure Continue; May 6-12 is Emergency Preparedness Week
  6. Legislative Report (3 May 2018) - Physician Numbers Up By 51%; Improving Organ Donation Rates; Property Tax Deferral for Seniors
  7. Legislative Report (26 April 2018) - Province Challenging Federal Carbon Tax in Court; Protecting Saskatchewan Energy Interests
  8. Legislative Report (19 April 2018) - Saskatchewan On Track for Increase in Trade & Jobs; Canadian Energy Sector Under Serious Threat
  9. Legislative Report (12 April 2018) - Keeping Saskatchewan on Track
  10. Legislative Report (5 April 2018) - Saskatchewan to Fight Federal Carbon Tax; Alternate Carbon Reduction Plan Put Forth
  11. Legislative Report (29 March 2018) - Improving Curriculum for Saskatchewan Students; Helping High School Graduates with Post-Secondary Education Costs; Continued Population and Economic Growth; NDP Proposing New Spending & New Taxes
  12. Legislative Report (22 March 2018) - NDP Propose $2.5 Billion in New Spending While Endorsing Carbon Tax; Working to Resolve Grain Transportation & Trade Issues
  13. Legislative Report (15 March 2018) - A Time of Renewal with Spring Session Underway
  14. Legislative Report (1 March 2018) - PST Exemptions on Agriculture, Life & Health Insurance ; Saskatchewan Great Place for Mining Investment; Strong Average Weekly Earnings Growth; Growing our Value-Added Economy
  15. Legislative Report (15 February 2018) - Education Funding Boost Announced; Job Numbers & Economic Indicators Rise; Free Fishing on Family Day Weekend
  16. Legislative Report (1 February 2018) - Positioning Saskatchewan for Second Decade of Growth under Premier Scott Moe
  17. Legislative Report (18 January 2018) - Opposition to Federal Carbon Tax; Creating a Climate for Strong Economic Growth; Regulation of Cannabis Sales in Saskatchewan
  18. Legislative Report (4 January 2018) - Population Figures Continue to Climb; Saskatchewan's Plan for Growth; Provincial Park Reservation Dates Announced

Other Archived Reports

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